A word or two to get you through the day.

A word or two to get you through the day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm A Christian And A Democrat: Here is My Story.

Okay this is weired. In a blog entitled "Just my thoughts," I am posting the thoughts of another. But after reading it I was compelled to do so. I can not tell you HOW MANY people I have met equated being a Democrat with being morally loose or liberal as being sinful. To their credit I give the G.O.P. props for shaping the argument. They grabbed the cross and bible so effectively it would appear that if you are not registered in their party you were go-ing to hell on a rocket

So I would like to share a blog with you because I am proud to be both Christian... and a Democrat.

By Morgan on

When I started my job at an Italian ice store a year and a half ago, I told one of my new coworkers that I wanted to major in political science when I went to college next year. He asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican. When I eagerly answered Democrat, he was visibly surprised. I asked him what in our five minutes of small talk led him to label me as a Republican. His answer: “You’re wearing a cross.”
Yes, I am a Christian. And yes, I am a Democrat. Despite what some individuals might have you believe, there is nothing odd about being both. The values instilled in me after years of Sunday school and sermons don’t put me in contention with the Democratic Party. In fact, they lead me right to the Democratic Party.
I believe the Earth is God’s gift to us, so it’s our responsibility to develop renewable energy resources to protect and preserve it. I believe God created humans in his image, so every person deserves to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. I believe that it is a Christian duty to help the poor and needy, and we should do that in every way possible—through charities, houses of worship, and the government. And President Obama has acted to support every one of these beliefs—protecting the environment, ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and fighting for an America that has enough jobs for everyone and gives them the opportunity to develop the skills to land those jobs.

I know my arguments should never be based solely in faith, because not everyone shares my beliefs. I should be free to bow my head and pray for guidance on my history midterm, but my classmates should never be required to join me. I support open and honest dialogue that transcends religions and cultures.
Democratic people of faith deserve to have their voices heard in this upcoming election—voices that praise God, Yahweh, Allah, Bahá, and others. President Obama is a committed Christian, and he respects the dignity of all our beliefs. He hears ours voices and values what we have to say. I’ll be standing by him this election. Will you join me?

Thanks for reading this and remember--this day, is the first day of the rest of your life.


  1. While I appreciate and respect your opinion, I would have to answer "no" to your question "will join me?" in voting to re-elect President Obama. Myself being a solid Christ Follower and Minster of the Gospel, like Jesus, I have to live according to the Word and Directives of God. Sadly I first must say, Being Caucasian, I must defuse the racist issue and then the Republican issue. I am neither! My reasoning stems solidly on Obama's pro abortion and pro gay marriage stance which according to the word of God is an abomination on both fronts. I also find it difficult to understand how any Christ Follower could vote FOR those issues knowing what the Word clearly says. As far as Obamass acceptance other religious views and stances is another tough pill for me to swallow knowing that Jesus specifically said "No One Comes to the Father except through me". For a Christ Follower this would be a conflicting, wouldn't it? For these reasons I seriously question if Obama is even a christian at all or like many politicians using the christian card to get votes. Afterall didnt his Pastor of 20+ years have some pretty un-christian stances. Another One of Obama's stances that I highly question is in his attempts to bring peace to the middle east, he is attempting to redefine the Israeli borders. As you know any stance outside of the original borders that GOD SET can bring Gods wrath and judgment. The word says regarding Israel "I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you" So This is very dangerous grounds. Obama's attempts to do so have been widely outside the original borders. This could bring a curse upon our country.
    However, saying all that, I am still very confident that whoever is the President in office, that it's God (and only God) that changes the hearts of Kings. So I trust Him over man any day. I hope that you know Pastor Timmothy, that I love you and I highly respect you as a Man of God. I guess we just have a difference of opinion. Thank you for allowing me to present my opinions. I pray that they are considered before making any final decision. Take care and God Bless America.

  2. First of all I thank you for your response. It’s amazing that I have written numerous blogs on faith, trusting God and being a better Christian yet it took a divisive one to prompt you to reply. With that being said I will reply with regards to what I feel to be the virtues of being a Democrat.
    You began your letter by indicating that you are a “…solid Christ Follower of Jesus Christ.” I am reminded of Shakespeare who said, “Thoust protest to loudly.” In other words when anyone has to use verbs to describe themselves, it’s an indication that they are OVERTLY trying to convince you or themselves of something. It’s almost like Mitt Romney saying this week that he is “SEVERELY conservative.” Let me just say that I am a Christian. Nothing more or less need be added. In saying that it’s obvious that I have to live by his Word. That I have to walk the way he walked and that I have to believe what he believed because as OUR Bible says, “Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.” So I don't feel the need to use any words than “I'm a Christian.”
    Now you may wonder why I am taking the time to indicate this and this is why. People who are proud to say they are right wing use this verbiage as if to say if I vote democrat... I may be going to hell. Seriously? Can anyone be so SHALLOW as to put Christ in a political party? Isn't that one step above saying, “I'm a Knicks fan so God is helping them to win?” I mean seriously? Sorry Rob my God is bigger than ANYONES party.
    You indicate that you were neither white nor republican. Allow me to address the first part first. You could be Black, Native American, Hispanic or Asian. When you walk in a room it’s not what you are—it’s who you show. You Rob are white. Okay. So whatever you say comes from that perspective just as I speak my thoughts as a black man. We can’t have it both ways. One day we will rid ourselves of these bodies but until then we are impressioned within the confines of flesh.

    To be continued...

    1. Secondly you indicate you are not republican. That's fine if you would prefer not to associate with a party. I on the other hand feel it’s irresponsible NOT to be a part of a political party when they are making decisions on a daily basis that affects me and my family. You say the party is pro-gay. Pro-abortion. Trust me I have issue with both and I am praying one day this will not be associated with the party that fought for my rights as an African American to vote. That fought for your wife and daughters rights to vote and receive equal pay. The party that has opposed war. The Party that put supported marriage integration. The party that has opposed the death penalty which has put to death hundreds of innocent men of color. Men who look just like yours truly. I am a part of the party that even now fights for the rights of teachers and or unions. I am a part of the party that fights for the rights of people who are homeless and have no lobbyist. I am for the party, Minister Rob that stands up for my rights to vote—even now. See your rights did not have to be ratified in 2007. Mine were.
      Are they perfect? Of course not. But tell me this Rob. Is anything man made perfect?
      You wrote “As far as (President) Obamas acceptance other religious views and stances is another tough pill for me to swallow knowing that Jesus specifically said "No One Comes to the Father except through me". “ Rob? Hello we live in a DE-MO-CRACY and not a THE-OCR-ACY. People have the right to worship as they please. God don't need us to make LAWS to FORCE Christianity on anyone. SALVATION IS FREE NOT FORCED! Isn't that why God put other fruit in the garden? So we could have free choice to serve him or not? Are we that shallow and insecure as Christians? To think if people had other choices they may choose the serve other gods?
      My position is simple. The light of Christ is so bright it is bigger than anything any one can do to cover it up. The Bill of Rights gives people the right to worship as they please. Not Obama. And if he were to make a statement in opposition to that—Republicans would charge him with “trampling on the Bill of Rights.” I don't need President Obama to be my Pastor or Spiritual Head. I only want him to be my President.
      Now you indicate that you question his Christianity. Did you question Reagans? He did not prevent the right of people to worship? Did Ronnie stop abortions? Did he oppose MLK Birthday initially? Was he against the voters act in 1964? See Robert, my Bible says, “MAN judge the outer appearance but only God can judge the heart. It would be like me saying Republicans are racist or money grubbers or heartless. That would be silly, uncalled for and totally untrue. You see, I don't agree with Senator Santorum, Congressman Paul Ryan or the Tea Party I don't QUESTION their integrity as you have questioned your president.
      You made a statement “Afterall didn’t his Pastor of 20+ years have some pretty un-christian stances.” Rob… again your ignorance is showing. Dr. King said BASICALLY the same thing. Are you anti Martin Luther King as well? I could send you the speech Dr. King gave in protest to the Vietnam War which makes the EXACT same points. I know you heard “I have a dream,” but sit down and read “The Drum Majors Instinct, sermon. Now--was it appropriate in the “way” the words were said by Rev. Wright?—absolutely not and didn’t the President leave the church? And just look at what you are saying. You will not give him the credit as being a believer—but you will give him the credit for having a pastor? Rob… again we must pick a side.

      To be continued...

    2. With regards to abortion—can you tell me anything the Republican Party has done since 1980 to stop abortions? Bush? Reagan? Gingrich? Palin? Paul? Anything? What have they done beside raise it as a DEVISIVE wedge issue every four years? As soon as the elections are over it’s tucked into its box and we don't hear anything about it for another four years.
      Regarding Israel, again you speak from a position of ignorance (I.E not knowing all the facts). First of all people say he is anti Israel because he has not said he will support Israel in killing people in Iran. In my opinion that's proof that he is a Christian. But lets go deeper. Israel has received MORE financial support under this President then it has under any other. Also Rob, answer this question for me. Should we support Israel even if they are wrong? Are you saying they are “never” wrong? Surely you are not saying that? We have all sinned and fallen short—and yes Rob... even Israel as sinned.
      Rob in closing the fact that you would comment on this blog and not one of the other blogs tells me a lot about you.
      The fact that you do not support a party that supported your wife and her family when they could not support themselves tells me a lot about you.
      The party that fights every day for those of us who are working every day tells me a lot about you Minister Rob.
      As for me--too much of my people blood has been shared for me not to be a part of a party and hopefully change that party from the inside as opposed to casting stones from the outside.
      Be blessed in all that you do and yes may God CONTINUE to bless America.

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