A word or two to get you through the day.

A word or two to get you through the day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Send Me An Angel

Many times we have to move out of our comfort zone to help others.
It’s easier to stay in your comfort zone because it’s safe. There is no reward but there is also no great risk involved. How many times will God tell you to get up? How can God get you to bless others when you are in your comfort zone? One way to bless others is to hit them with the concept of angels.
For some angels are analogues to dwarf or trolls. Fairy Godmothers or others things produced by Hollywood. Movies have shown angels as saints, sinners, brethren or buffoons. But in spite of this, angels are closer than you think. And not only do they exist they are closer than you think they are. 

You know, I am happy an angel visited Abraham because it bespoke a generation. Glad he showed his face to Mary because he bespoke the second Adam. But today in this blog I respectfully ask the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to have an angel in your life revealed to you. 

Here is a question for you. Could you have already have met your angel? Well let’s see. To go deeper, one of the key characteristics of angels is a person you see who is an ordinary person who is an extraordinary desire to please. An ordinary person who you are drawn to but cannot put your finger on as to why.

Some of us have friends who are angels. Some have parents who are angelic. Some of our kids are average ordinary teenagers, and then once in a while they will say something that’s like a flash of brilliance from nowhere. And you think this child may possibly be an angel.

In an old R&B song the writer pinned the question, “Didn’t I blow your mind this time, didn’t I?” I am about to blow your mind with this one. I am a firm believer that you are indeed an angel capable of doing the miraculous. No matter who you are, someone looking forward to seeing you and the smile you will put on their face. Your name mentioned to someone will make something turn in their hearts. It’s not for you to know who this person is. But that thing that turns inside of them turns because God has planted something in them that is like a magnet to your steel and they have been strategically placed in your life for you to do mission work and for them to notice your good deeds.

Another angelic test of an angel is they are never too familiar. They tend not to get too close. They tend to come for a reason a season and a purpose and then they go.

The literal meaning of an angel in the New Testament is a messenger. They tend not to sit around and let moss grow. The UPS guy doesn’t sit around and have dinner. He drops the package and then he bounces. Same thing occurs when it comes to angels. But often we transgress because we try to hold on to angels. To keep them around forever. The next time you reach out for an angel they may not be there… although they were there the last time you needed them for a specific problem. What we need to do is never depend on the angel for consistency because they are not given the charge to be consistent. We need to hold on to God because he is always and will always be consistent.

Sometimes when you are on the mission of doing angel work it’s frustrating. Why? You don't understand why you are not there for a person during a season. It could be a good relationship that you break off and have no idea why. It could be a good job that you left. It could be a good church you left. You don't know why but you know your times had come to an end. But the reason you don't understand it is because you were doing angelic work for the moment. Maybe
someone left you abruptly. See God knows who was affected in the moment. He knows who was taught a lesson and who he was trying to teach a lesson. He also has said in his word behold all things worked together for good… therefore you left them for a reason. You quit the job for a reason. They divorced you for a reason. You moved out the house for a reason.

The most powerful thing about angel is the fact that there is a little bit of God in each one of us. That God can use each of us. If we just let God be God then we can be used for the kingdom. If we let God be God we can feel angelic power. You can list a cavalcade of names in the bible. God was God inside of David. What mortal man could do what he did? God was God inside of Paul. What manner of man could write what he wrote sitting in prison awaiting his death? Here he was waiting to die telling the world for centuries to come how to live. But most importantly we see God putting on the flesh and being God and being born in a manger.

God can use a child to speak a word into your life that changes you forever. He can use a photo and bring you to your knees. HE can use a homeless person to let you appreciate life. The angelic power of God has been used in all of these things. If he can use a donkey to stop Baalm from killing himself he can use anything to get you where he would like you to be.

Could God have sent you an angel? Think about it and remember today--this day, is the first day of the rest of your life.

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