A word or two to get you through the day.

A word or two to get you through the day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The BIG Comeback PART II

Welcome to part II of this blog. As I alluded to earlier at times thoughts for the blog do not come to me in neat little packages which is why I am spacing these out over a few days.
If you have not read part one please do so or this may not make any sense whatsoever. Also follow this blog by clicking the button to the right=รจ J
Okay let’s get started!
When you look following the ordinances of our Lord and Saviors at times we tend to run into a problem. The problem is the flesh—our desires etc., compel us to do things we know in our heart we should not do. To say things we know we should not say. But this is nothing new. In fact it was Paul who said when referring to himself, “o’ wretched man.”
Think about it. As we slide into this election season it seems we are inundated with polls. Well I have one for you. In an unofficial poll I am sure 100% of people know in their heart they should not drink alcohol to excess and drive. They know this for sure. Not 95% but 100% of all living breathing human beings understand this to be true. Yet I dare say as you are reading this somewhere someone is getting in a car totally inebriated and regrettably before you finish someone will lose their life at the hands of a drunk driver. Why is that? Because the drunken driver decided that while they know it’s not right to do what they were about to do—they wanted to get as close to the line of demarcation as they can in hopes they can make it to their destination.
But it’s just not drunk or distracted driving. What about teenagers having sex. I feel rather safe to say “close” to 100% of adults who are sober minded would agree that teenaged sex is wrong. Yet while you are reading this—somewhere two kids, possibly even elementary school age (and yes that was tough to even type so I k now it’s hard to read) are having sex. And what's the danger? Some of them will get an STD. Others will get pregnant. But why do they do it? So they can get as close as they can to the line of demarcation—without going over the edge. They understand, by in large the danger involved but that’s not important. The important thing in the moment is to fulfill their desires, if only for the moment.
Lastly if you took a poll of adults and asked the question do you think adults should discuss drugs with their children what percentage would say they should? I am willing to guess pretty close to 100%. But I'm sure you know many will not. And although the child will know its wrong they will not have gotten the parental support from them and some will find themselves cascading into drug addiction. And why have they done it? Because they wanted to get as close to the line of demarcation as they could without going over the edge.
But here my friends in lies the problem. And at the end of the day that's why we sin. Because we want to get close to the line in order to fulfill our lustful desires. People don’t start shooting up on day one. I mean somebody may have but that's not normal. See it’s a process. It starts with their curiosity being piqued. Then that leads to a wine cooler. And that leads to maybe a little Kahlua and Cream and that leads to maybe a little vodka tonic and that leads to a little weed and possibly that leads to the chronic and that leads to crack and possibly that leads to a needle. See it don’t start with the needle but they arrived at the needle by slowly getting closer and closer to the line of demarcation. Getting closer and closer to the edge.
So here is a simple thought. If something will kill you… if something will wreck your present and destroy your future; why not decide that you will just not do it? I mean if having sex will kill you—if drinking and driving will kill you or paralyze you; if doing crack will only destroy your life then why do it? It’s easy to say that—if you don’t do it. Because you have well established boundaries. But for the millions of people who have issues in these areas they have arrived at this point in life—because they have continually erased and redrawn the line of demarcation for their life. That's why when you ask them, “Man is crack worth this? Losing your family? Going to jail?” They may tell you logically no because they know that's what you want to hear but in their heart if they were to be honest the answer is a resounding, “Yes. Yes it’s worth it! Without a doubt. It is definitely worth it.”
More to come tomorrow. PLEASE come back for part three of the Big Come Back!

As always remember today--this day, is the first day of the rest of your life.

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