A word or two to get you through the day.

A word or two to get you through the day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I.S.O. (In Search Of) Truth

Okay I completed the previous blog late yesterday with my midnight snack and I was so excited about finishing the thought here I am wrapping it up with my morning coffee.
One way to see truth is through divine revelation and that's not often discussed. The reason in part is because we have a tendency to fear that which we cannot completely understand and or control thus since its divine revelation—it fits in said category.
Divine revelation is reserved for those who depend on faith because they know truth will come from above and like a life guard peering at the waves, they will look to God with their inner eye as they wait for not only an answer—but a divine answer. Divine revelation. And this is where for some it gets a little sticky. The reason why is because your revelation is just that. It’s yours. We live in a world where truth is sometimes looked upon as a pair of stretch pants. One size fits all. This mindset was given to us by some of our great thinkers which I will allude to later but we feel if it’s true for you—it should be true for your neighbor. In fact the artist Erykah Badu addressed this in her ultra-controversial video when she ended it with the words, “death to group think.” But when truth comes from above, often it does not fit snuggly into the confines of group think. Divine truth may not necessarily transfer to everyone on your Facebook friends list and apply to their lives as well. So what do you do—when your truth is just that?
Have you ever been sitting next to someone in church and they just start weeping for no apparent reason? Or for some reason they stand up and start to shout? Even though they may not be able to articulate why and they may simply say they felt good and did it, if its divine it’s deeper than a feeling. They are moved to tears or to making an outburst because God has given them a sneak preview of their future. Think of it as a trailer for a movie. A coming attraction. Sometimes the attraction can be so embedded in our hearts we don't see it in our minds—but we can feel it oozing from our center so the only thing we can do is cry or say something like, “Oh my God.” And when you do this in unfamiliar surroundings i.e. people who don't understand the move of God they will call you crazy or say you are over the top or it “Don't take all that” and that's okay. See they just have not been privileged to see your coming attractions.
While this is not a direct quote, the great philosopher Aristotle once said that “truth could be found in majority rule.” If this is the case then what has such a mindset wrought? “Truth can be found in majority rule?” Seriously?
Could this be in part why our society has a values cancer?
Why men are no longer men and women are no longer women?
Is it because we are following what everyone else is doing—even if they are doing it blindly?
Keep in mind what majority rule has given us. The crowd overwhelmingly said, “Crucify him!”  With apologies to Aristotle, just because everyone is doing does not make it truth.
Let me leave you with this. In the bible (John 14:1-2) Jesus is saying to his disciples, “Listen when I leave don't get too nervous about the chapters in life. Okay? Why? Because I am going to tell you in advance just how the story ends. You see, this earth is not your home. In fact I’m preparing your home.” But when you read this passage it goes deeper than this because I am of the belief that he is also saying to us “while you are in this world don't worry about today because I have already mapped out tomorrow.” In other words while you are thinking about Friday he's finished work on your January, February and March. While you are worrying about a lie today he’s looking at your future and looking forward to it being revealed to you. In short Jesus is saying “Listen I am the truth and light so if you carry me in your heart you will never be in the dark when it comes to relationships, decisions about your job or what tomorrow holds for you.”
So before I end this allow me to ask you this question? What is your truth? Are you ugly?
What is your truth? Are you broke?
Are you a criminal? What is your truth?
Are you from the wrong side of the tracks?
Are you sick?
Are you old? Let’s find it. What is your truth?
Are you a victim of rape? What's your truth?
Can I share something with you? If you do not have Jesus in your heart, not only are you not living your best life—you are living a life in darkness. As hard as it is for me to even write this I must. You are not just in darkness… you are darkness. A place void of light. A place void of truth.
In a great movie Jack Nicholson shouted the immortal words, “Can you handle the truth!” I ask you that same question. Can you handle having Jesus in your heart? Trust me you should think before answering. See, today in Atlanta its 70 degrees and we are in the middle of December. But I cannot be confused by the temperature and not think the year is running out. It’s winter. No matter what the temperature of the day may tell me—there are only a few days left in this year. Specifically 15 days left and this year will be over. That is truth. But guess what? Our lives are coming to an end as well. Unfortunatly no matter if you are six or 60 we don't know if you are in your winter, spring, summer or fall but what we do know is this. That eventually this life will be over and you will have to face truth.
Okay this time I’m closing for real but as I was finishing this blog I was watching the Today Show and they announced that this morning Christopher Hitchens died. If the name does not ring a bell he wrote the book “God Is NOT Great.” He was an devout atheist and even with cancer said he believed there was no God. The bible says only a fool believes there is no God and my friends Mr. Hitchens who received his dash today now comes face to face—with truth. Christopher Hitchens (1949 – 2011).
He is no longer in search of truth.

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