A word or two to get you through the day.

A word or two to get you through the day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The BIG Comeback PART III

Welcome back to day three of the journey. I have so much to share and only a few words to do so, so let’s get started!
In the previous blog we mentioned the how every day people do destructive things like drive drunk, or start smoking crack and in their heart they feel they will be the one to conquer it. That they can control it. That they can walk close to the line of danger, the guardrail or the line of demarcation without falling into utter and complete disaster.
Before I go further lets vacillate here for a moment. Tonight someone will try crack for the very first time and for them—yes in spite of everything they know and all the things they have seen, they will still crack—tonight for the very first time.
In spite of people they know who have destroyed their life they will pick up a crack pipe for the first time.
They will bring that fire to their lips for the first time and for the first time they will blaze up, they will get faded, they will get blitzed, they and for them yes… it is worth it because they feel in their heart they can get just… that... close to the line of demarcation and yet not fall over.
Why is that? Why do we as humans have this innate desire to walk the tightrope of life? Because we all have a “thing.” What I mean by that we all have a condition, that can easily knock us off our life journey. Don't believe me? Look at Paul in the bible. This was a man so powerful people were getting healed just being in his shadow and what did he says about this? These are his thoughts.
“Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”
Think about that for a moment. The “thing” that he had to deal with he refers to it as a messenger from Satan. Therefore driving drunk, starting crack for the first time even committing adultery could be the same thing to you and I. A messenger from Satan.  And this brings us to today’s thoughts.
How can we change? How can we change when the abnormal (smoking crack, driving drung, committing adultery even cheating on our taxes) has become our new normal? When sleeping on the floor of life, and accepting the worst life has to offer; has becomes so normal you no longer even feel comfortable in a feathered; goose downed bed.
Allow me to digress for a moment. You know science is a wonderful thing. I've seen scientist do things I would have never guessed they could do in my life time. Why just this morning we were awaken by the news that two new planet’s have been discovered outside of our solar system. Now I need you to REALLY think about this for a moment. We live in an age where man can now see things that ONLY God could see before. WOW, right?
Right here on earth we live in an age where kidneys and livers and lungs can be transplanted. We live in such an age.
We live in an age where eyes hearts and even the entire face can be transplanted from one person to another. Yes we live in such an age. But isn’t it odd that in spite of all we have seen, in spite of all the advancements in science, in medicine—no one has successfully transplanted a—brain. Not one.
Now I am told that scientist have performed brain transplants on mice and they feel one scientist will be able to do it in man. I must say I am very skeptical of this. It may occur—but I doubt it because the brain holds your memories. The brain hold your identity. The brain is what makes you—you. With all your good and your bad, your brain is what makes you… you. So isn’t it interested that as of today science cannot do—what Paul said to the church at Phillipi, 2000 years ago when he said “Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.”
So what am I getting to? The only way to avoid crossing the line of demarcation is by letting this (His) mind be in you.
Join me for part 4 tomorrow.
And as always... remember today--this day, is the first day of the rest of your life.

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